Once Halloween is finished, chances are you simply toss your pumpkin in the trash and begin the march towards Christmas. However, why waste the piece of art you went out of your way to buy, gut, and carve? Well, the good news is, you don’t have to!

On November 1st, the Bradley Museum are having a final Halloween hurrah, entitled the ‘Park Your Pumpkin Parade’. You can bring your dying pumpkin with you to the Museum where you can partake in a nice stroll amidst a sea of wonderful pumpkin carvings, accompanied by cider and music.

The event is for the whole family and kicks-off at 6 PM and lasts until 8 PM. The Bradley Museum is located along 1620 Orr Road, just south of Clarkson village, it’s a beautiful area at the best of times but at night, illuminated by flickering pumpkins it will be a very pretty sight.

Park Your Pumpkin is a fantastic way to round out the Halloween season and give your kids a great stroll, so come on out to the Bradley Museum for one last haunt!