It’s that time again. You’re driving home from work and can feel yourself just starting to relax. You could go home and try and scavenge the fridge for something to cook up or microwave, but the thought of eating last week’s spaghetti just isn’t doing it for you. It’s time for takeout.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of greasy, tasteless pizza, and limp, frozen hamburgers. Never fear; you won’t find any of that on YourSauga’s list of Streetsville’s favourite takeout spots.

Osmow’s Grill

251 Queen Street S.

While Osmow’s now has multiple locations all over the GTA, their original location in Streetsville is the one everyone knows and loves. Serving up delicious Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, their food is sure to excite those taste buds as you stroll by the store. That’s probably why they often have a line going out the door – it isn’t easy to keep walking by without a taste.

Their classic chicken shawarma is outrageously good, but be sure to grab some extra napkins – it’s messy! Order their spiciest sauce if you think you can handle the heat, but be warned: it’s no joke. Looking for something a little different? Try a twist on the classic poutine and order “Chicken on the Stix”, consisting of hot and flavourful chicken shawarma doused in Osmow’s sauce, all on top of a bed of hot and crispy French fries. Maybe shish kebab is more your style? Osmow’s kebabs are marinated to perfection and all are grilled with onions and green peppers.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with anything your order at Osmow’s. But be prepared to wait in line – with food this good, Osmow’s is always busy.

Melt “wich” Food Co.

154 Queen Street S.

Melt is an interesting option for takeout because it isn’t something you come across every day. As the name suggests, Melt serves a long list of gourmet grilled cheeses filled with irresistible, ooey gooey, cheesy goodness. With options like the colossal “Mack Attack” (filled with mac & cheese and bacon), and the favourite “Tattooed Chicken” (with herbed tomato, bacon, and savoury grilled chicken), these aren’t your mama’s grilled cheeses.

Not a die-hard grilled cheese fan? A variety of delicious wraps, philly cheese steaks, salads, soups, and Meltwich burgers are also available. Finish off your meal with a creamy, rich, and refreshing hand spun milkshake (or have it before your meal – we don’t judge)!

The best thing about Melt? They’re open till 3AM, making it a great stop for those hard to ignore, late night cravings.

Saucy on the Side

111 Queen Street S.

If you’re looking for restaurant quality food in takeout form, Saucy on the Side is for you! Attached to Streetsville’s Saucy Bar and Grill, Saucy on the Side offers all the deliciousness of their restaurant while allowing you to sit back and relax in your comfiest clothes at home.

Sink your teeth into wood fired pizzas like the classic Margarita, Mediterranean, Calabrese, and more, all on a crunchy thin crust. All of their sandwiches are melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and my favourite, the Tomato Caprese Sandwich, is a satisfying mix of tomato, boccochini, basil leaves, and more, all atop perfectly toasted bread.

But what about dessert, you might ask? Their famous White Chocolate & Skor Bar Cheesecake and Double Fudge Brownie are both available for you to chow down on in the comforts of home.

Burger Legend

236 Queen Street S.

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Originally a food truck, Burger Legend rose to success and was able to open up a brick and mortar location right in the heart of Streetsville. Remember those limp burgers I mentioned before? You won’t find any of that here! This restaurant prides itself on their quality products. In fact, they don’t own a freezer to ensure the freshness of their burgers, along with the promise that no additives or preservatives have been added to their meat. Burger Legend seems to be takeout you can trust.

While they provide the classic burger, they also mix things up with the North Beach, which has guacamole, salsa and sour cream, the All Day, which has crispy bacon and a fried egg, and what I have deemed the guilty pleasure burger, the Poutine Burger (which speaks for itself). Burger Legend also sells local craft beer, making it one of the very few takeout joints that does so.

Stavro’s Greek Restaurant

11 Pearl Street

If you’re craving some delicious and authentic Greek cuisine, and are also looking to support local indie restaurants, Stavro’s is the winning combination you’ve been looking for. Looking at the reviews on their Facebook page, everyone gushes over the friendly staff and amazing food. And best of all? The restaurant has signed up with Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats, so you don’t even have to leave your house to try it!

Stavro’s Souvlaki packs a punch of flavour and also happens to be a great price for what you get. Their Lamb Chops receive stellar reviews and since I can’t get enough of feta, their Greek Salad is pure heaven. What makes their dishes even more delicious is the fact that you can feel good knowing that all of their food comes from Ontario grown farms.

You may be excited to hear that Stavro’s isn’t just for lunch and dinner. They also offer multiple different breakfast options, like a Greek Omelet, Stavro’s Breakfast Plate, and a classic Toasted Western Sandwich so you can start your day off right!

Burrito Boyz

17 Tannery Street

Naked Chicken Burrito

 I couldn’t make a list of Streetsville’s top takeout joints without mentioning Burrito Boyz. It seems that with their loaded nachos, zesty burritos, and crunchy quesadillas, Burrito Boyz is a big hit for anyone with taste buds.

I typically go for the average Bean and Cheese with all the fixings (though, as we all know, guac is still extra), but their Steak burrito and Sweet Potato burrito also hit the spot. If you’re a fan of seafood, Haddock, Halibut, Shrimp, and Calamari burritos are also available. Don’t want to get your hands dirty, or simply not feeling the tortilla? Get your burrito naked and have all the deliciousness of a regular burrito without the mess!

Burrito Boyz is another extremely busy restaurant, but you don’t always have to wait. Skip the line with the restaurant’s app that lets you order ahead of time. That way you can get your hands on their amazing food that much faster!