Love coffee? Love cheap coffee? Well you’ll be happy to learn then that McDonald’s has brought its beloved $1 coffee back to stores in Mississauga!

A few times every year, McDonald’s serves-up its signature brand of coffee at a massive discount. It’s a great business move that gets people to swarm the McCafe doors and potentially stick around for more than just the promotion.

That means every McDonald’s in Mississauga, as well as the entirety of Canada, will now be selling its coffee for $1. That doesn’t just mean a small cup, it means all sizes including the XL size that is sure to give you that straight injection of caffeine.

As if that wasn’t enticing enough, McDonald’s is also offering its sticker promotion, which means you can grab seven coffees and save the stickers on the cups, then turn those stickers in for a free coffee. Which right now means you can spend just $7 and get eight coffee’s!

The $1 coffee promotion is up and running from February all the way through to March 4th. So for an entire month you can get your coffee fix at a huge discount and save some money. There are over 10 McDonald’s stores in Mississauga, including Square One Mall, in which there is a McCafe in Walmart.

McDonald’s $1 coffee has re-appeared at the perfect time as many consumers are still boycotting Tim Horton’s. So a savvy business move has led to you getting your coffee fix for cheaper than usual, so get to your local McCafe before March 4th!