It’s spring-time here in Mississauga once again, and that means Summer is right around the corner – or at least we’re keeping our fingers crossed because this winter has gone on way too long.

With the summer comes an abundance of lovely things like ice cream, lakeshore walks, outdoor pools, and the return of the backyard. Yes we pretty much board-up our windows and forget the backyard exists during the blustery winter months, but it’s time to pry the boards from the panes and head back outside to embrace the sunshine.

Before the summer truly comes back around however, you have the opportunity to spruce up your backyard and really make it a place to spend time with friends and family. That’s because the annual Backyard Expo is returning in 2018, running from April 6-8 at the International Centre.

The International Centre in Mississauga will once again become home to all things outdoor living. Whether it’s something small like a new grill or a couch, or something big like a deck or a pool, you can find it at the Backyard Expo. There will also be talks from backyard decor experts, as well as food and drinks served for all.

If you still aren’t sold on the event, here is the list of “Who Should Visit”, as per the official event website:


  • Home owners looking to develop their backyard space
  • Barbeque and grilling enthusiasts
  • Families looking for new and interesting backyard toys
  • Visitors looking for springtime inspiration
  • People seeking backyard design advice and solutions
  • Foodies and lovers of everything barbequed
  • Beverage connoisseurs
  • Admirers of grilling and backyard design celebrities

So if you feel like fixing up your backyard, updating it with the latest furniture, or turning it into a BBQ-lover’s dream, you should come out to the 2018 Backyard Expo on April 6th, 7th, or 8th at the International Centre. Tickets for the event can be purchased here, and cost a mere $14. What are you waiting for? Start the summer right!