2018 has been a spectacular year for video games. We thought 2017 was special but we had no idea just how great 2018 would be!

The PlayStation 4 is enjoying a record-breaking run in the back half of its life with the best games the console has yet seen; the Xbox One, while far trailing the PS4, has settled nicely as a very gamer-friendly box with services like Game Pass; and the Nintendo Switch has continued to blaze a trail with some tantalizing titles. If you don’t own any of these systems, you can’t really go wrong with any of them for various reasons.

Perhaps you just picked-up a console on Black Friday and are in need of something to play, perhaps you’re someone who only buys one or two games a year and need some guidance, or perhaps you’re a parent looking something to buy your kids for Christmas. Whatever the reason, we’ve thrown together this handy guide to the five biggest games of 2018! Regardless of why you need to buy a game, use this guide to inform you of the right decision!