Finding the right jobs is no easy feat. In fact, most of us work jobs we don’t want our entire lives, just to make ends meet. It’s part and parcel of everyday life.

However determining what job you’re gonna go for is a heck of a lot easier when you know what jobs are in demand. Well Randstad Canada, a Canadian recruitment and staffing agency, has done the hard work for us, and compiled a list of the most sought-after positions in Canada, as well as the salaries for each.

The jobs in the list are kinda all over the place, with no real pattern or consensus in the particular fields. The good news is, four of them are regular jobs that anyone can get without a college degree. So if you’re in need of a new direction in life, or just want to earn some more money, then consider switching to one of these ten professions:

  1. Sales associate: $38,200 – $50,600 annual salary
  2. Truck driver: $36,650 – $48,600 annual salary
  3. Receptionist: $32,300 – $42,600 annual salary
  4. Welder: $19.60 – $28.50 per hour
  5. Full-stack developer: $60,600 – $125,200 annual salary
  6. Business development manager: $93,500 – $164,400 annual salary
  7. General labourer: $15.20 – $19.30 per hour
  8. Project manager in engineering: $74,000- $134,000 annual salary
  9. Heavy-duty mechanic: $25.20 – $35.70 per hour
  10. Merchandiser (consumer goods): $57,300 – $97,100 annual salary

So the most in-demand job in all of Canada is that of sales associate. Surprising as that may be, these jobs can be found everywhere, from Square One Mall to the streets of Port Credit or Malton. What is truly surprising, is that a sales associate position pays more than that of a truck driver! The best paying of all the listed jobs is that of business development manager, so keep your eyes and eats peeled for jobs in that field.

And there you have the ten most sough-after job positions in Canada. Manual labour jobs are seemingly amongst the most necessary, which is hardly surprising with most youth going to college to earn degrees that never result in dirty hands. So if you’re a young person thinking about a career, or a parent wanting to guide your child in a good direction, definitely consider something mechanical. And let us know if this list surprised you at all.