It’s winter and now we can east as many candy canes and drink as much hot chocolate as we want! Granted, it’s an unseasonably warm winter thus far but that hasn’t deterred me from my daily hot chocolate.

Mississauga has a plethora of amazing hot chocolate destinations. Of course, you have your predictably great stores like Tim Horton’s that make fantastic hot chocolate but we want to look at some places that are a little more under-the-radar. So get ready to try some new locations for steaming hot chocolate goodness!

Aroma Espresso Bar

Aroma Espresso Bar is a relatively small chain store, but we’re looking at the location inside Square One mall.

Aroma offers a large menu of drinks but it’s the two hot chocolate options we’re interested in today. Aroma’s standard hot chocolate is an incredibly tasty beverage that is made with real chocolate chunks! The steaming milk is poured over the chocolate and it melts there and then! The second options is a marshmallow hot chocolate, which is the same as the standard but with mini mallows added on top for extra awesomeness!

Dunk’n Dip

“Enjoy the richest, creamiest Belgian chocolate delight that you could have.” That’s the description of Dunk’n Dip’s hot chocolate, and it truly lives up to it!

The standard hot chocolate is very creamy and tasty, thanks to the authentic European chocolate, and then there’s the Crispy Pearl: Belgian chocolate with crunchy waffle bites and chocolate pearls. Amazing, seriously, possibly the best in the entire city!

Railroad Coffee Co.

Railroad Coffee Co. is an independent coffee store on Burnamthorpe road. It’s a very cool store that sells great coffee and baked goods that are made in-store.

Railroad Coffee Co. also offers some really good hot chocolate. It’s a creamy blend of chocolate and milk that may burn your mouth but will be worth the taste. Not to mention, great service!

Archtop Cafe

Archtop Coffee is one of Mississauga’s best coffee shops thanks to it’s unique interior design, amazing service, friendly atmosphere, and great food and drink.

Archtop’s hot chocolate is awesome and not too sweet or hot. I recommend getting the large size and enjoying yourself.

Coffee Culture

The final pick on our list of great hot chocolate in Mississauga is Coffee Culture.

Coffee Culture is one of Sauga’s finest coffee stores that feels sleek and modern, with amazing baked goods and drinks. The mudslide hot chocolate is incredible and I won’t say anything more, I’ll just leave you with the official description: “Deliciously sweet and outrageous. Our FAMOUS hot chocolate, blended with salted caramel syrup and topped with whipped cream, caramel drizzle and Oreo cookie crunch.” ‘Nuff said.