Maybe you haven’t noticed, but it’s kinda cold outside. In fact it’s so cold, that one’s hair and or beard might freeze if not properly covered. So it’s fair to assume most of you haven’t wanted to leave the house.

Well, our fair city is nothing if not adaptable. No matter the time of year or the weather, there’s always something to do in Mississauga and we want to point you in right direction. The following is five activities/places you can go to get out of the coldĀ  but still have a fun time.


Cineplex Mississauga

Starting off simple, there are few better pass-times than going to the movies! Especially when there’s terrible weather outside and you can get comfortable in a leather chair with some drinks and snacks, and watch a great flick.

There’s also no shortage of great movies to see right now, including Aquaman, Escape Room, Bumblebee, Green Book, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, Glass, and The Upside. Regardless of whichever movie(s) you choose to see, it will be a good way to stay indoors and pass a few hours.