5 Meetup Groups in Mississauga You Should Check Out

You want to go out, but your friends are too busy or something came up last minute. So what do you do? Well there is one simple solution to make ensure that you’re able to fulfill your desire to get out, but also allows you to make new friends with similar interests.

The answer is quite simple: Meetups. Essentially, the platform tailors to a wide array of interests, whether you’re trying to learn a new language or just looking to meet up with others to socialize and network.

5Mississauga Board Gaming For Dads 

For all of the dads looking to get some bonding time with your fellow dads. The group welcomes any and all dads and tries to host meetings weekly, without the obligation of a membership. As this is more of a casual meetup to relax and revel in a night of strategy based gaming. The group meets every monday at a bar located in Heartland Mississauga.

If you’re used to playing with children, you can take the gloves off in this group. The group has a large collection of games brought every week. The group is always looking to welcome new dads to the group.

4The Mississauga Meet-up (25 to 45 years old)

This group tries to ensure that all of its members are connected, as the core of this group is to ensure that you are able to have people to explore this amazing city with. Especially, with the day to day taking a toll, this group (which does cater to a younger crowd) tries to provide that escape by organizing regular outings that will give you the chance to unwind and just enjoy your time meeting new people.

3Mississauga Urban Sketching Meetup

If you’re looking to develop your skills as an adult artist with a group of other enthusiastic visual artists. This is a great group worth exploring, as you can also get the chance to discover the blank canvas that is Mississauga. With it’s parks, cafes, the lakefront, and shopping malls. 

Bring your sketchbook, pencils, pens, watercolours or other favourite materials to Mississauga Urban Sketchers Meetups and create new and creative representations of your city. Share your work, interesting art books, and brainstorm ideas for visual design, subject matter and marketing your art with creative people of Mississauga in a non-judgemental atmosphere. Whether you’re interested in selling your art, or simply enjoy art as a hobby, come sketch and paint with this group.

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2Mississauga Social Group 

This group organizes activities like dining out in interesting restaurants, house parties, BBQ’s and dinners, coffee get togethers, visits to cool pubs & clubs, movie, theatre and musical evenings, picnics, camping trips, day trips and out of town weekend getaways and anything else that promotes social mingling and allows people to get together, network, chit-chat and get to know one another. That allow you to both get out of your shell, while also providing a great medium to help bring the community together.

It does not matter whether you’re single, married, divorced, separated, temporarily in town, new in town, bored and looking for things to do or just like meeting people and making new friends — this is an ideal group for you.

1Mississauga Girlfriends

This group caters to those who are looking to develop friendships with other awesome women while having fun. The group accepts all women regardless of whether you are a Mom, Married or Single. It was created to provide a fun was created in order to support a safe environment in which you can build positive friendships with other women alike whilst evolving into a platform for women to enjoy and explore new activities together. 

Some of the activities the group partakes in include paint nights, pottery, attending live sports games, shopping, movies, dinner, high tea, coffee, brunch, fitness classes and outdoor fun as well. If you’re looking to make new girlfriends, this group is a great way to start.