Summer is coming to an end! Don’t worry though, there’s still time to soak in some sun and enjoy a beautiful weekend at one of Mississauga’s many bars and restaurants, before the pumpkin spice craze engulfs us all.

Today we want to shine a light on some of Clarkson’s best bars and restaurants. We’ve rounded up a quick list of the five bars we think you should hit-up at least once, before summer is well and truly over.

Doolin’s Pub & Restaurant

1575 Clarkson Rd N, Mississauga, ON L5J 4V3

Doolin’s Irish pub is one of Mississauga’s best hidden gems. The cozy little bar has been a part of Clarkson for many a year now, and it serves its patrons smiles and craic as good as the Guinness.

It’s hard to miss Doolin’s, with it’s bright green facade at 1575 Clarkson Road North. The bar is authentically Irish and, as such, you’re guaranteed to be greeted warmly but expected to be honest and well-behaved. Head to Doolin’s for a taste of Ireland before the summer ends!