If you live here in Mississauga, you’ll be fully aware that the city is known for a few things: shopping, the Marilyn Towers, art, and food.

It’s that latter one that we want to talk about today. The food here in Mississauga is next level and it’s something we probably take for granted. There’s every type of food a foodie could ask for, from Italian to Greek, Polish to English, American to Japanese, Hungarian to Korean.

Every week we bring you news of new restaurants and eateries opening-up in our fair city, but it’s important that we don’t lost sight of what brought us to the dance. That is, to say, the older, classic restaurants that started the trend, and are still holding down the fort today. The classics are the classics for a reason, and we’re here to remind you why!


350 Burnhamthorpe Road West

Alioli Ristorante has been a staple of Mississauga since 1996 and, while the quality level has never changed, the premises themselves have undergone some renovations.

That’s right the main dining area of Alioli recently received a makeover that brings the restaurant into a more modern era, albeit while remembering the past with some classy artwork. It’s sleek but understated.

As for the menu, it’s just as classy as ever. That’s where you’ll find everything from classics like Spaghetti Bolognese and Pizza, to more exotic dishes like Salmone Ala Griglia and Risotto con Funghi. It’s traditional Italian cuisine with innovative cooking.

Alioli has everything one would look for in a classic restaurant, but it’s casual and welcoming, far from pompous. Next time you find yourself craving some top-notch Italian dishes, think Alioli!