Summer is the most popular time for weddings (especially here in Canada) and it’s no different in Mississauga.

Of course, organising a wedding is very stressful business. It requires finding a venue, booking said venue well in advance, choosing the right flowers and food, donning the perfect dresses and suits, paying an extortionate fee for a photographer, organising vehicles to get to the venue, and booking a honeymoon.

And that’s only covering the obvious things, there is no shortage of unforeseen expenses that arise. All in all, it’s an incredibly difficult thing to organise and costs far more money than it’s worth. That said, one of the most important aspects of any wedding is the cake. Finding the right cake can be tricky, but we want to make it easy by pointing you in the direction of five places in Mississauga where you can do just that. Read on and relieve some stress!