In a rather surprising move, Metrolinx recently announced that it was selling the naming rights to several GO Transit Stations across the GTA.

The organisation announced that it would be selling the names of five high-traffic stations, all of which will go the highest bidder. Those stations are Oakville, Whitby, Pickering, Exhibition, and, as it pertains to us, Clarkson. Metrolinx is hoping to make a tidy profit, anywhere between $50,000 to $500,000.

And these five stations are just the first of a possible 66. Meaning that, if Metrolinx manages to sell the rights to all the stations, it will rake in millions in profit. The rights would last between five and ten years, which means they could change every decade or less.

Naturally it’s going to make for a weird adjustment and many people are going to be getting off at the wrong stops, but things change. Such is life. It has made for a controversial announcement, with many people concerned about the exchanging of data.

Clarkson GO Station

You see, whoever owns the stations moving forward, will also own the data of those riding. So whoever buys the station will be able to tell where you get on and where you get off. It’s just another way in which citizens are losing privacy, be it your Netflix app checking your emails or your Facebook app listening to your phone calls.

Today, however, we want to throw out a few naming possibilities for the Clarkson Go Station. Six idea’s we came up with that range from somewhat realistic to totally unrealistic, but it’s all for fun. Unless of course you’re a millionaire, who wants to take one of the names and make a reality. Either way, here they are:

  • The Village Station
  • Historic Clarkson Terminal
  • The Lakeshore Special
  • The Heritage Stop
  • The Bradley Benares Station
  • Go Clarkson Go

What do you think of our possible names? Would you rather is stayed the same or became ‘The McDonald’s Stop Via Clarkson’? Let us know and be sure to throw out some of your own potential names for the Clarkson Go Station. See you next time!