In the past year Mississauga has become a new home to a few of Toronto’s best burger restaurants. Those include Gladiator Burger at 6039 Erin Mills Parkway, and Top Gun Burger at 3-5955 Latimer Drive. Well, there can never be too many amazing burger options, and that’s why we’re excited to tell you about Ozzy’s Burgers.

Ozzy’s Burgers is a brand new store that you will soon be able to find at 325 Central Parkway West, Unit 10. The franchise started out life in Toronto’s Kensington Market and made a name for itself with its no-fuss store, transparent kitchen, and stacked burgers of in-house grounded meat.

Ozzy's Burgers

Ozzy’s offers two classic burgers, both with caramelised onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and Ozzy’s Special Sauce, with the other burger also having cheese. There are six speciality burgers, which are the Notorious BLT, Breaking Baaad Lamb Burger, Holy Cheesus, Purple Rain, Ciao Bello Portobello, and Son of a Bun. And then there are four premium burgers that are the ones that are stacked high with patties.

Ozzy’s also offers two chicken burgers, chicken tenders, two steak sandwiches, two veggie burgers, a grilled cheese, three hot dogs, fries, onion rings, poutine, deep fried ice cream, and mouth-watering hand-spun milkshakes. It’s a fantastic menu but the burgers are certainly the star of the show.

There’s no official opening date confirmed for the restaurant yet, however they have stated that they hope the location will be up and running by August or September at the latest. So you won’t have to wait much longer until you get to try Mississauga’s latest taste sensation.

Ozzy’s Burgers will have stiff competition when it arrives in the city, from everything from Burger’s Priest to A&W, and the aforementioned Top Gun Burger and Gladiator Burger. There’s no shortage of great burger jonts in Mississauga, but Ozzy’s should slot right in nicely.