Last year, Square One mall became home to three new pop-up stores, all vying to satisfy your sweet tooth urges. Those stores were Love Me Sweet, Squish Candies, and Eva’s Original Chimneys.

All three of these brands were opened within the same small store inside the mall, right by Sport Chek near entrance 8. Despite being intended as short-lived pop-up stores for the Fall/Winter season, the dessert stores became a huge hit with Mississaugians. The glaring stand-out however, was Eva’s Original Chimney’s – a Hungarian brand of ice cream cone that is as filling as it is delicious.

I’m happy to report that Eva’s Original Chimney’s is coming to Port Credit in time for the Summer! The store, which is now under renovations, will be opening right on the main street near Souvlaki Hut and Door Fifty-Five. These delicious ice cream chimney’s are truly a revelation, the evolution of the original ice cream cone. The worst part of the ice cream was always the boring, bland, flaky cone, but imagine a mouth-watering, chewy bread cone with incredible tastes within.

So what exactly is an Eva’s Original Chimney? Well, it’s a traditional Hungarian chimney cake cone – which is vegan – filled with ice cream and various toppings. You can choose from sixteen different menu options, which include Eva’s Apple Crumble, Matcha Crunch, White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, Banoffee Pie, Funfetti Part Cake, and so much more. If none of those appeal to you – you monster – you can concoct your own chimney from all the ingredients on hand.

If you’re not an ice-cream lover, or can’t stomach dairy, you can also order an Eva’s Chimney Cake, which is similar but without the ice cream. As if all that wasn’t enticing enough, Eva’s will also offer a large array of coffee options, including Cappuccino’s, Chai Latte’s, Affogato’s, and even the hugely popular Nitro Cold Brew.

Eva’s Original Chimney’s will be a perfect addition to Port Credit for the summer, providing locals and newcomers a tasty new cafe to cool-off in.