As you may have heard, buying marijuana is now legal in Canada.

However, you may be unaware of how to get into the world of cannabis. It’s nowhere near as simple as just asking for an ounce of weed and exchanging money. There are a lot of different variables to consider and to know before you dive into the deep world of weed.

The Now

So as you probably know, and as the graphic above suggests, the only place to legally buy weed right now is the Ontario Cannabis Store. Originally the plan was for LCBO to be the sole-proprietor of legal marijuana, but plans changed and the government agreed to privatise the product, which was a good move for everyone. So, between now and April, the only place to legally obtain weed is the website.

That website offers a page full of learning archives that aim to teach you everything you know about weed, and I highly recommend you read all of them. It can’t be understated just how important it is that you understand the different types of weed, and the different strains. For example, there are two types called Indica and Sativa, and they produce different results. Some people may get a real high from sativa, while it could make others depressed.

And therein lies the issue of ordering marijuana from the Ontario Cannabis Store. Not seeing your product in person and being able to discuss it with a knowledgeable clerk (or budtender) who can guide you in the right direction. To be entirely honest, most people who’ve been using weed long before October 17th are not going to start buying their product online. For context, it’s a little like getting medicine online; you’d much rather get it from a doctor in person. However, seeing as it’s the only legal place to do so currently, you definitely shouldn’t seek out any other places to buy your product.

The upside of buying online through the official website, is that the product is reliably good. That doesn’t mean it will work or produce the desired effect, but it does ensure you won’t be buying something dangerous or ineffective. So, in a nutshell, buying online is the way to go right now but not entirely recommended.

The Future

So as you can tell, buying marijuana online isn’t exactly a perfect solution. The good news is, that will only be the case until April 2019.

It’s no secret that there are countless dispensaries in downtown Toronto, that have been illegally selling weed for a long time now. These dispensaries are still operating, although the police have been really cracking down on them in the past few weeks. Come April 2019 however, a number of these dispensaries will get licenses to legally sell marijuana and they are likely to quickly become the primary destination.

Come April 2019 you can expect to see a few dispensaries open here in Mississauga, and ideally they will be well-informed, reliable places. That is the best time to really get into the world of marijuana, whether it’s for medical or recreational purposes.

So what can you expect beyond dispensaries? Well, you won’t start seeing Tim Horton’s or Starbucks selling weed-infused coffess, because they wouldn’t be able to get licenses. At least not yet.

What’s much more likely is to see independent coffee stores opening that have obtained licenses from the Ontario government. Those and dispensaries are likely to be the only things cropping up over the next year, but it may evolve from there. As for edibles, they were supposed to be officially legal as of October 2019 but things have slowed on that front and not it’s unclear when they will become available and in what form.

So that’s the gist of it. Buying online right now is the only viable option but it’s not a particularly good one. The best thing to do, if you could, would be to wait until it’s readily available at dispensaries or specific stores in Mississauga come April.