It’s hard to go on dates. First dates, in particular, can be really awkward and weird but they don’t have to be!

There’s a lot of fantastic first date options in Mississauga, enough to keep you dating for a long time in fact, but today we’re looking at Port Credit specifically. During the summer months Port Credit is swarming with denizens from all over; people come from far and wide to soak in the views of the lake and indulge in the asinine amount of food options. This makes Port Credit a great meeting spot for a first date, even if neither of you live in the town.

So, if you have a big date approaching (it doesn’t even have to be a first date), our guide should give you a nice idea of how to spend an evening and impress your partner.

Meet At Memorial Park

Start your date right by meeting at a good location where the two of you can start walking and talking – preferably at an early time like 5 p.m. The meeting point seems like a small detail but some dates can get off to a bad start right away when the people meet and stand around awkwardly.

Meeting at Memorial Park means you can immediately go for a quick walk around the beautiful park, see the river and the ducks, then walk up back into the town. It’s a nice way to start the date at a pace.


Grab A Bite To Eat

Eating is basically a part of every date. Often, it’s the crux of the date and that’s fine, albeit a little predictable. Going to a fancy restaurant and sitting there for hours can be mind-numbing, not to mention if things aren’t going smoothly you two might have nothing to talk about, leaving you sitting there watching everyone around you having a good time.

So, it’s better not to make eating the focal point of your entire date. Furthermore, make eating a fun part of the date. Go somewhere you’ve never been or try a food you wouldn’t normally try. A great place to go is Raw Aura, a vegan restaurant in Port Credit, which offers an amazing array of foods that everyone can enjoy. If nothing else, this will get the two of you conversing and discussing food and lifestyle choices. Of course, you can go to a variety of food locales in Port Credit, from Fired Up! to The Brogue. Think of what your date might enjoy more than yourself!

Stroll The Streets and People Watch

After you eat, you’ll want to take a breath and let the food sink. The best way to do this is simply to walk the streets of Port Credit, maybe sit on a bench and people-watch.

People-watching might sound super mundane but it’s a surprisingly great way to pass time and laugh together. Of course, a great way to people-watch is to head into Scoops ice cream store, grab some unique flavours and sit at the window watching the passers-by. You can even make-up stories for the people and try to guess what their profession is. Give it a shot!

Grab A Drink and Play Some Pool

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After you’ve had dessert and created stories for everyone on the streets, it’s time to get competitive and have some fun. Head over to The Crooked Cue, which has been recently renovated, and play some pool, or even ping-pong.

The Crooked Cue is now a very popular bar that is reminiscent of a Jack Astor’s. Very lively and youthful, this is a great place to come and relax. By now the jitters and awkwardness should be gone but if not, this is where it disappears. The two of you can grab something to drink, be it a Coke or something harder, and then start to play a game.

Pool is a more relaxed game than ping pong but if you find yourself with a competitive date, or one who enjoys recreational activities, then ping pong is definitely more fun. Whichever you choose, the two of you can talk, play, and get to know each other with a lively atmosphere.

End With A Nighttime Walk Through J.C Saddington Park

After leaving the rowdy bar, it’s good to decompress and end the night with just the two of you. You could just head back down to Memorial Park but a much more romantic setting is J.C Saddington Park.

Down past the lighthouse, Saddington Park is where families come to have picnics and BBQ’s, sporty folk come to jog, and guys come to fish on Sundays. It’s a beautiful place where people come to relax and take a breather. Once you enter the park, you can stick to the waters edge, then walk along some rocks to get a great seating area and a view of the Toronto skyline. Sitting there, taking in the view, listening to the water, it’s a perfect end cap to a solid first date.

Sure, you didn’t set the world on fire or do something drastic to impress the person, but what’s more important is being in each other’s company and seeing how smooth things go for a few hours. Rather than just sitting in a restaurant or watching a movie, you’ve got to talk, figure out the way they think, play some games, and hopefully get to know them better than you would by asking the same old tired questions while staring awkwardly at each other.

Needless to say, any of these suggestions can be changed or scrapped on the fly if things aren’t going to plan. Make the date your own but make it one that your partner will enjoy, and like I said before, think about them more than yourself. You want to make them comfortable and relaxed in your company. At the end of the day, the success of the date will boil down to your compatibility, but hopefully this quick guide will give you an idea for how to impress your partner and get a second date!