By:  Monica Kucharski

Good news for Saugan commuters!  Those embarking at Clarkson or Port Credit Stations to commute to Toronto on a GO train, don’t have to get all anxiety-ridden if they miss a train on their way to work in the morning.

No more energy-depleting sprints to the platform upon hearing a train arrive, spilling hot coffee along the way and getting all frazzled when the doors close literally a second before you are able to catapult yourself inside.

Another train is just minutes around the corner.

As of September 24, the province has added 220 new trips per week on the Lakeshore lines.

And that means that on a daily basis, the Lakeshore West line on route from Oakville to Toronto’s Union Station now has 17 new weekday train trips – six during the morning rush hour and 11 a.m.   That’s a 50-per-cent increase in midday trains and almost 14 per cent overall.

The rest of the newly added trains are on the Lakeshore East line between Oshawa and Union Station and on the Kitchener line.

Altogether, this is GO train’s biggest increase in service in five years.  And the bottom line of this improved service is that Mississauga commuters can expect GO trains every 15 minutes— or better —on Lakeshore East, and three trains per hour on Lakeshore West between Union and Oakville from dawn till dusk.

So, now there is yet another incentive to leave your car parked, along with savings on gas, reducing your carbon footprint, and avoiding the morning (and evening) commuter rush hours stress by taking the GO:  those friendly, green and white double-decker trains will likely be waiting for you when you arrive at the station, ready to take you to your destination in repose and comfort.

That repose, of course, may be short-lived if you choose to open up that lap top and get an early start to the craziness that awaits you at work.  But, for better or for worse, that is also an option for GO commuters.