These days landing a job one merits takes more than a great résumé—especially, for those seeking a high-profile, coveted position at a large organization.

Maybe you’ve had your resume professionally done, have your social media and website in place, and a recruiter working on your behalf.  But so have plenty of other hopefuls.  How do you differentiate yourself from many other high-achievers going after your dream job?

That’s the premise behind a new service offered by Short Circuit Media, a firm in the Port Credit area of Mississauga.  They design a customized program targeted to help executives land the position they aspire to.  Basically, it’s a marketing campaign, and you —the job candidate—are the product.

According to Short Circuit Media president Aidan Crawford, CEOs today not only have to be ready to lead, they must also be ready to be seen.  “I did a search on LinkedIn and found that there were over 6,000 individuals in Toronto alone who were at the VP level or higher at companies with over 1,000 employees,” Crawford said in an interview.

“That got me thinking, what can these professionals do to make themselves stand out from the crowd when they apply for a job as CEO or other top positions? And the answer was marketing,” said Crawford.

Short Circuit Media works with executives, lawyers, paralegals, dentists, doctors, accountants or any other professional services providers.

How does this service work?  “In addition to creating a superior online presence, we partnered with an executive coach, a top LinkedIn trainer as well as a vocal and presentation coach to provide a program that not only raises a client’s profile, but also gives them the skills to succeed once they get shortlisted for a top job,” explained Crawford.