It’s exciting any time a new store graces us with its presence here in Mississauga, but, truth be told, it’s a little more exciting when the store is food related. And the latest addition to a popular Mississauga mall is bringing mouth-watering desserts and some beautiful scenery.

Unlike the ever-changing and ever-expanding Square One Mall in the city centre, Erin Mills Town Centre is much more static. Erin Mills is a great place to shop, and it improves with every passing year, but it adds new stores at a much slower pace than Square One. For better or worse.

Well, when a new store does rear its head at Erin Mills, we think it’s worth noting and, in this case, salivating. The Town Centre has just saw a new dessert store open its doors, and it’s in the form of Crepes De Luxe!

Crepes De Luxe

Crepes De Luxe is a French inspired store, and that much is evident in both the menu and the interior design. The store itself tries to make you feel like you’ve just walked onto the streets of Paris, with it’s white brick walls, faux shutter windows, simple little tables, and plants. It really looks like that stereotypical scene in a movie where people are sitting outside a cafe, drinking coffees with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

And, while there a plethora of sweet and savoury crepes you can order and they are silky and delicious, you can also order the store’s unique Turkish coffee. If you’re unaware, Turkish coffee is quite different to normal coffee because it’s unfiltered and made with finely ground beans. It’s worth a visit to Crepes De Luxe alone!

Crepes De Luxe can be found on the lower floor of the Town Centre, near H&M and on the same stretch as Walmart. Next time you find yourself in the mall, be sure to check out the new store that offers up amazing crepes with fruit and chocolate sauce, among plenty other options, as well as great coffee and a special atmosphere.