Who doesn’t love a good all-you-can-eat restaurant? It’s always great value for money if you have the stomach for it. And Mississauga is no stranger to great all-you-can-eat restaurants.

Today we want to take a look at some of the very best all-you-can-eat joints in the city. There were lots to choose from and it was a hard list to narrow down, but we’ve come up with a list that will please every taste bud.

Tarboosh Restaurant

3050 Confederation Pkwy

tarboosh Mississauga

While Mississauga is overflowing with all-you-can-eat BBQ and sushi restaurants, it’s nice to change the pace and try something a little different.

Tarboosh Restaurant is all-you-can-eat Mediterranean food, and it’s renowned as one of the best in the country! In fact, Tarboosh has been providing Mississauga with excellent buffet food for almost 30 years!

Something that really sets this buffet apart however, is that it’s entirely vegetarian! That means you can grab a huge plate of rice, beets, salad, soups, and more. You can order meat from the menu to have with your buffet, and it’s all delicious and fresh.