Square One has seen a plethora of new eateries open up in the past few months, and it’s about to be home to a brand new dessert store in the near future.

Crepe de Licious, a chain store serving incredible crepe’s, is coming to Square One, with its signature brand of sweet and savoury desserts.

The brand operates many stores throughout Canada, with the current nearest store being in the Vaughn Mills mall. Well it won’t be long until you don’t have to travel so far to get your hands on one of these delicious crepes, until then, take a look at the mouth-watering menu.

Crepe de Licious separates itself from most other dessert stores by also offering breakfast, savoury, and sweet options, as well as kids, frozen treats and gelato-based crepes. Many of the breakfast crepes are vegetarian, and fairly healthy. There are fifteen types of savoury crepes, including chicken, ham, tuna, steak and more. One of these would certainly be a nice change next time you find yourself in Square One Mall.

The frozen treats on the menu consist of incredible ice cream concoctions and smoothies. Crepe de Licious offers 24 flavours of gelato if you’re not in the mood for a crepe, or if you want a delicious filling for one!

In a stroke of even better news, if you sign up for the brand’s newsletter, you can buy one item and get another for free! That’s a pretty great deal if you want to grab one for yourself and another for a friend, or two for yourself.

Crepe de Licious will add to the already impressive, and fast-growing, list of food joints within Square One mall. The new store should be opening within the mall in the next few weeks or months, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for it.