It’s been over a year now since Uber launched it’s sister brand UberEATS in Mississauga, but have you made use of it? Are you benefiting from the service, or are you holding out for some reason?

You’ve heard of Uber. It’s the incredibly convenient and cheaper alternative to taxi’s that is putting the latter out of business. You simply download the Uber app, choose your destination and wait for your driver to come pick you up, fee already paid. It’s a great service but one that has come under much scrutiny and criticism. Chances are, you’ve already used the app and know how it works, but did you know you can also use Uber to bring you food?

UberEATS launched over a year ago here in the GTA, as well as Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City. The service works in a similar fashion to the taxi app; you download the UberEATS app, enter your details, then you’re given a list of nearby food options that work with Uber. That’s a major caveat with the service; not every food outlet allows Uber to deliver their food, it’s entirely dependent on the outlet, but we’ll give a rundown of where offers the service later.

Once you’ve decided upon a type of food and a store, you’re given the menu and you can order whatever you wish and it works really well. I figured it would be cumbersome for someone like me (a picky eater), however it’s really easy and quick to modify your order and hit checkout.

From there you’re given the delivery fee. For context, I live in Port Credit and if I want to order food from somewhere in the town, let’s say The Burger’s Priest, which is less than five minutes from my apartment. The delivery fee is $4.99 and then there’s a $0.65 tax for delivery, on top of the $1.87 you’re already paying for tax. That’s a pretty hefty fee that isn’t worth saving me a 3 minute walk.

Let’s say I wanted something from a little further away. Afghan Kitchen, a restaurant that Google says is 10 minute drive up Hurontario Street, to Dundas Street East. I order a $12.99 Kofta Kabob and my entire order comes to $20.32. That means the delivery price is the exact same, including tax, as something significantly closer. That’s a good thing, albeit confusing.

Once you’ve actually placed an order, you’ll be assigned a delivery driver/walker/biker, the same way as the regular Uber app. And, if you’ve used Uber before, you’ll know that the app isn’t always the best at getting your location correct, so be aware that you might have to go on a hunt to find your courier. Most UberEATS couriers come equipped with an insulated bag or cart, meaning your food is still hot when it arrives and that’s a nice touch. And no need to pay or even brandish your wallet because the food and service have already been paid for.

So all in all, the service is very similar to Uber: fast, convenient, and at times unreliable. Not to mention, the price of delivery may seem too steep to you, particularly if you can drive yourself. For those who can’t drive though, UberEATS is a pretty great way to grab some food from places beyond walking distance, especially in winter.

As I said though, not everywhere offers the service, but a lot of places do. As mentioned Burger’s Priest offers UberEATS, and below is a list of other places that work with them:

  • Maranello Cade
  • Smokes Poutinerie
  • Old Bagel House
  • Bray’s Hamburgers
  • Rawblendz Juice & Salad
  • McDonald’s
  • Swiss Chalet
  • Harvey’s
  • Thai Signature
  • Pita Pit
  • Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen
  • Souvlaki Hut
  • Colossus Greek Taverna
  • Orange Fish Sushi House
  • Afghan Kitchen
  • Gino’s Pizza

And that’s just a few of the places near Port Credit that work with UberEATS. The app finds places within a few miles that operate near you, so if you live in Malton or Erin Mills the choices will be different.

UberEATS is a handy service that many local eateries utilise. The delivery fee can seem a big high if the place is within walking distance, but for those of us who cannot drive and want something from further away, it seems a useful alternative to standard food delivery. The app is quick and easy to use and saves you from speaking over the phone, which is great for people with accents.

Do you use UberEATS? If not, we want to hear why? Do you think it’s too expensive? If you do use it, we want to hear about your experiences! Let us know and have a good one!