With Mississauga’s own Bianca Andreescu having recently won the US Open. Having been the first Canadian to ever have done so. We thought it was important to recognize the other Mississauga born athletes who are making their mark within the sports world.

Here are some of the amazing athletes that are making #MississaugaProud. 

Nik Stauskas

Nik  is a Canadian sharpshooter who last played for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2019. He grew up having had a natural passion for basketball, in fact he rarely ever played hockey as a child. He started his NBA preparation at Loyola Catholic Secondary School, having later gone to the United States in order to get into a Division 1 college. After a successful high school career, he joined the Michigan Wolverines basketball team. After all of his hard work, he was drafted 8th overall by the Sacramento Kings in the 2014 NBA draft.  

Jason Spezza


Someone that was both loved (he’s currently a part of the Toronto Maple Leafs) and despised by Leaf fans during his long stint with the Ottawa Senators. Having been born and raised in Mississauga, Jason was consistent early on in his career, he went on a tear in the OHL. As that success helped him build up his name within the league, NHL teams began to take notice. Because of this, Jason was picked 2nd overall by the Senators in the 2001 NHL draft.  

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Tiffany Devonna Cameron

A Canadian soccer superstar in the making, Tiffany is currently playing as a midfielder for Stabæk FC. Tiffany went to St Joseph Secondary school, where during her time in school she played 3 years of basketball and only one year of organized soccer on the school team. Clearly that year must have made an impact, as she was recruited by the Ohio State soccer program. Tiffany has also been a key player on the Canadian National Women’s Soccer team.

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John Tavares

As he is affectionately known as pyjama boy because he grew up being a Leaf fan (check out the image above). Given that he is currently a Maple Leaf some might say that his life did come full circle. John was a very competitive early on, having participated in a number of sports including hockey, lacrosse and soccer. Because of his hockey skills, he was recognized as someone with true potential within the sport, and was constantly included in higher tiers since he was outdoing his competition consistently. Eventually, being drafted first overall by the New York Islanders in the 2009 NHL drafted. 

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this list, and wish you or your little one the best of luck in your athletic ventures. Just remember that hope does live right here in Mississauga. Have fun and go after your dreams.