Mississauga is a hub for incredible art from inspiring local talent, both young and old. It’s a place where art is encouraged and easily accessible, whether that’s at one of the museums, heritage sites, or a paint night at a bar.

One such place that we like to raise some awareness for is the Small Arms Inspection Building at 1352 Lakeshore Road East. If you’re unfamiliar with that name, it might not sound like a place for art. Well, it was exactly what it sounds like; a WWII weapon facility, but it has since been turned into a wonderful art studio.

Small arms building

Well, on Saturday May 25th, the facility is going back to its roots by hosting an event called Back To The 40’s. Let’s hear what it’s all about from the organisers:

Celebrate the Small Arms Ltd. workers and the local community who supported WWII on the home front! The Small Arms Society (SAS) is hosting a “back to the 40’s” event, to celebrate the 14,000 women and men who worked at the Small Arms Ltd. site from 1940-1946. Over two-thirds of the workforce were women who played a vital role in supporting the Canadian military efforts during WWII.

A celebration of the men and women who served at the Small Arms building during WW2 sounds like an awesome event. The organisers are encouraging everyone to dress up in their best 1940’s attire to really immerse yourself.

There will be a 40’s themed cafe at the event, serving tea, coffee, and baked goods, as well as re-enactments, live music, and dance routines befitting of the period. If you have any interest in the mid 20th century, then this is an event for you and an excuse to dress-up!

Admission to the 1940’s exhibit is free, although dressing-up is highly encouraged, and there will be free parking available. So come to the Small Arms Inspection Building on Sunday, May 25th at 1pm to live a day in the past and celebrate the lives of those long gone.