The fine folks over at Baskin Robbins are back for Valetine’s Day 2018 with a plethora of new romantic dishes for your and your better half, as well as a fun new promotion.

The new flavours and offerings include the February Flavour of the Month: Love Potion #31. This lovely flavour is made up of white chocolate and raspberry ice cream, a raspberry ribbon, raspberry-filled hearts and chocolate chunks. Of course the flavour can be purchased in a waffle cone or in a tub.

For a limited time only, you can also get your hands on the Heart Shaped Polar Pizza Ice Cream Treat. The beautiful treat includes a double fudge brownie Polar Pizza crust, topped with Love Potion #31 ice cream, cookies and cream pieces, marshmallow topping and fudge, sprinkled with heart sequins. That’s a mouthful, both to say and literally.

On top of the tasty love dishes, Baskin Robbins has also created a fun promotion that you can jump in on right now! The promotion offers three limited edition card packs, exclusive to its Club 31 members. This interactive online experience allows Canadians to print out or email Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, and Singles Awareness Day cards, each one offering a special gift to guests and their loved ones.

The idea behind the promotion was to celebrate Valentine’s Day but make it about everyone and not just the couples. Baskin Robbins wants you to get a card and send it to someone in your life who needs a little love, whether that’s a friend, a grandparent or a cousin. It’s simply a nice gesture that somebody would appreciate. Consumers can receive their personalized Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, and Singles Awareness Day cards by visiting, available for download from February 1 to February 14.

So if you want to grab an incredible ice cream pizza for you and your partner this Valentine’s Day, or send some love to your friends/family, Baskin Robbins has you covered. There are over a dozen Baskin Robbins stores in Mississauga, and you can find some of them at Square One Mall, Dixie Outlet Mall, Applewood Village Plaza, 9-6045 Mavis Road, or Central Parkway Mall, to name a few. Happy eating!