Starting Monday August 20th, Mississauga will be home to a week-long hip-hop event. Recently we revealed the redesigning of the Small Arms Building on Lakeshore Road, and that is where this event kicks-off. The Small Arms Building was recently renovated to become a cultural arts centre, where events just like this can take place.

The event is for young people aged 12-17, and who are new immigrants to Canada (within the past five years). The immigration angle on the event is why the event is called Beats2Borders; the idea is to embrace new cultures, and celebrate modern dance and hip-hop.

Participants will get to work with renowned hip-hop artists in dance, Emceeing, and beat-making. The program also includes a trip to McMichael Canadian Art Collection gallery to view a special exhibit on Canadian Hip Hop culture. And, to cap-off the entire event, there will a huge block party at Celebration Square!

If you’re interested in participating, head to this link, and check out the schedule below. Registration must be completed by August 7th and the event is free.

Workshop Info
Dates: Monday, August 20 – Friday August 24
Time: 9:30-3:30pm
Location: Small Arms Building, 1352 Lakeshore Rd. East

Block Party
Dates: Friday, August 24
Time: early evening (time to be confirmed)
Location: Mississauga Celebration Square

Once again, participation in the Beats2Borders event is free to everyone. Transportation will be offered from 3 pickup locations across the city. The tentative locations currently are: Meadowvale, Malton and downtown Mississauga. You will be informed of the finite details once you have signed-up for the event. If you’re not much of a dancer, you can come to the block party and enjoy the fun. The Beats2Borders event is a great way to meet new people and embrace the culture, so come join the fun later this month!