Benares Historic House has been in fine form recently. The House has been running its most popular events like the Downton Abbey Tea, alongside new ones like the Steampunk Invasion, all to great success.

The folks at Benares House in Clarkson can’t be accused of resting on their laurels, instead they’re constantly trying to create exciting new events to attract new people to the historic site. Well, they’re at it again with an amazing debut event this coming Saturday.

Murdoch Mysteries Tea will bring everyone together for a family mystery adventure. Everyone will be guided around the famed Benares Historic House and be informed of some of the incredible family mysteries that have occurred within the house in the many generations past.

If you haven’t seen Murdoch Mysteries, it’s a period drama about a detective in the 1890’s, which makes it the perfect era for a Benares event! It’s a classic murder mystery show, akin to a Victorian era Sherlock Holmes or The Mentalist.

Following the guided mystery and tour through Benares House, everyone will settle down and enjoy one of the site’s famed afternoon tea’s. All of which is included in the price of admission. For those interested in attending the event, tickets can be purchased here, and cost $15.35 each. Despite what the name suggests, it is a family-friendly event, so feel free to bring the kids!

The Murdoch Mysteries Tea takes place this Saturday, September 15, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. Benares Historic House can be found at 1507 Clarkson Road North. So come on Saturday afternoon for a fun, new event!