Burrito’s are a thing of beauty; a smörgåsbord of meats, vegetables, rice, and cheese, all wrapped tightly inside a floury tortilla. Almost brings one to tears doesn’t it?

Oh, did I say tears? I meant drool. So let’s put your hungry stomach to the test and parade the 5 best places to grab amazing burrito’s in the city in front of you.

Fat Bastard Burrito

30 Eglington Avenue West

Fat Bastard Burrito

We’re starting off with, perhaps, the most aptly named restaurant in the entire city: Fat Bastard Burrito.

As you may guess from the name, Fat Bastard Burrito is all about hefty burritos, with quality ingredients, made with love. It’s quite a simple recipe for success but it’s one that undoubtedly works.

Fat Bastard Burrito offers upwards of 20 burrito’s, not counting the ability to craft your own. There’s lots of great options to choose from, but we recommend the incredible Curry Chicken for a slight zing. And, as the company motto says, “Eat Big Or Go Home!”