YourSauga Favs – The Best Picnic Spots In Mississauga

With the end of summer fast approaching it is important to take full advantage of the sunny days. Now, what better way to spend a summer day than with a picnic. As there is nothing better than just relaxing with your friends and family in a park, and simply just enjoying nature.

5Erindale Memorial Park (1695 Dundas Street West)


A wide area to just relax and enjoy the surroundings. Now if you’re looking to entertain yourself or your kids, there is a playground that should provide hours of fun. Along with this very open space, you can also use the grills provided to make some BBQ, just bring your own charcoal.

4Kariya Park (3620 Kariya Dr)

Just steps away from downtown Mississauga, this picnic spot provides a great combination of a natural setting with a taste of Japanese style mixed in. The highlight of this picnic area is the gazebo which overlooks a peaceful pond area filled with a nice duck community. It’s definitely serene environment, as you can also enjoy the core of Mississauga happening in front of you.

3Streetsville Memorial Park (355 Church St)

This park is truly a sight worth seeing, especially if you’re a local within the Streetsville area. A fun park full of activities to take part in, whether it is playing soccer on the field or enjoying a family game of softball. If you’re looking for something less active, a relaxing nature walk by the Credit river provides a relaxing and fun walk.

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2Mississauga Valley Park (53 Lake Street)

This is a fun little area that is filled with activities. With everything from a baseball diamond to a splash pad, which is perfect for those days where you want to cool off. Like some of the other parks here, you can take the kiddos (or yourself) to the playground.

1Jack Darling Park (1180 Lakeshore W Rd.)

You’ve probably seen the views, from this park, as it is located on lakeshore). One of the biggest draws about this picnic spot is the view, as on a clear summer day you can clearly see the skyline of Toronto. Beyond that, you can enjoy a fun swim in the lake or just enjoy a good old fashioned BBQ dinner together (yes, there are grills available for you to use, again just bring your own charcoal).