We convince ourselves that eating alone is frowned upon and weird. However, much like going to the movies by yourself, the truth is that it’s totally fine. Nobody is looking at you funny, and doing things by yourself shows a level of maturity and confidence that others would be jealous of.

Finding a place that is accommodating to lone diners however is a little tricky. Of course, everywhere welcomes your custom, but some eateries are designed for social gatherings. Today we’re looking at the best places in Mississauga to eat by yourself, places that don’t care if you come with 10 people or just by yourself.

Burger Priest

The Vatican Burger from Burger Priest

We’ve talked a few times about Burger’s Priest in Port Credit, particularly how it offers the best burgers in the entire city, but you’ll be happy to know that it’s also a great place to dine alone!

Burger’s Priest is a fairly small store in the heart of Port Credit, with only a handful of tables and chairs. However it also has a nice wooden bar by the window, which is perfect for lone diners – take my word for it, I’ve done so many times!

Jack Astor’s

Jack Astor’s, located in the city centre, is a sleek, modern, and delicious bar/restaurant that serves up music, sports, and entertainment.

Jack Astor’s is a very lively bar where everyone is talking and people come and go constantly. The best part about going there alone, is the long bar that inhabits the main room. Dozens of patrons can sit at the bar and eat food, so being by yourself is a non-factor!

Pump House Grill Co.

The Pump House in Port Credit is one of the town’s most popular destinations and it boasts a great bar for individuals to eat at.

On top of the awesome patio that seats many on the street, there is an impressive circular bar that dominates the interior. The Pump is a perfect location to come alone, sit at the bar, order some good food and a beer. So come on down and soak in the atmosphere.

The Crooked Cue

The Crooked Cue is one of the cities longest-running establishments and it just underwent a series of renovations that saw it develop into an incredibly modern pool hall and bar.

A pool hall is a naturally social area, however The Crooked Cue also sports a nice rectangular bar that can seat a few dozen people. The bar often sees locals come to dine by themselves and talk with patrons. You never know who you might meet!

The Brogue Irish Pub

The Brogue Irish Pub is one of the finest Irish pubs in Mississauga. It’s an authentic and atmospheric pub that serves restaurant quality food, including some of the best seafood around.

The Brogue is a true Irish pub in Port Credit that has three wooden bars where patrons can pull up a chair and sit with a Guinness and some food, while talking to the bartenders or just watch some sports on the TV. If you’re in the mood for some good food and relaxation, The Brogue is one of the cities best!