As Thanksgiving season has finally passed and you’re probably getting over the turkey hangover. It is time to start shifting your time and thinking towards a more ghoulish and scary mindset. 

That’s right, it’s officially time to start thinking about the wonders of Halloween. Finding the right decor can make all the difference between being the most terrifying house in the neighbourhood or just that old house with the bowl out front.

Don’t worry friends, as we want to ensure that you achieve that memorable status that people will talk about for generations to come. So, here are some of the best places in Mississauga to get great Halloween decorations.   

1Party City

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If you’re looking to prepare for that Halloween spooktacular, Party City can definitely help out. With some of the craziest options you’ve probably never imagined, such as an animatronic Pennywise trying to make you float.

You’ll definitely not be disappointed by the trip to this place. As each trip to the store brings with it some of the best aspects of Halloween, the scare and excitement that comes with it.


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Finding the perfect Halloween costume can get expensive. Walmart believes that everyone should be able to celebrate Halloween in style. Now this is probably a traditional option, but it is with good reason.

Offering some great prop options at an affordable price, you can achieve true Halloween legend status that will make you the talk of the neighbourhood. Everything from the classic witch looking to cast spells on you to the undead looking to harvest your brain, you’ll find it all here.

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3Halloween City

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If you’re looking for the classic Halloween fare, you can find it here. With some well touted Halloween “experts” being the innovators behind all of the creations at all of their locations.

The bonus when coming here is that other than your traditional decorations, you can also expect some help in setting up that amazing Halloween party. This is done by providing a wide array of different themes, which can help better direct you towards the best decor ideas.

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4Spirit of Halloween

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This is considered to be an option that you definitely need to consider. With a cornucopia of different Halloween decorations and displays, you can definitely make your house the spookiest on the block just by perusing through this store. Everything you could ever want, can be found here.

From those spiders you often see in your nightmares to fog machines which you can use to set that graveyard esque mystique (bonus the fog machine can be a great party investment as well). Halloween lives (and dies) at the Spirit of Halloween and is a go to spot to supply any spooktacular creations you seek.