We’re a mere two weeks away from the start of the biggest sports event on Earth, The World Cup!

The 2018 World Cup takes place in Russia for the first time ever. Canada may not be one of the 32 teams involved in the tournament, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the event nonetheless – especially if you choose a team to root for and have a little competition or bet with friends! My national team of Northern Ireland also isn’t in the competition, so I’m putting my money on Belgium this year, however Brazil, Spain, Germany France, or Argentina, are all safe bets!

The first game of the 2018 World Cup kicks-off on Thursday June 14, at 11 AM, and sees host nation, Russia, take-on Saudi Arabia. For the next two weeks after that, you can catch three or four games every single day! The World Cup only comes around every four years, so you won’t want to miss-out on such a special event. Today we’re showing your a handful of the best places in Mississauga to watch the games and join in the fun!