Mississauga’s restaurants have been one of the worst affected industries during the Coronavirus pandemic, and many attempted to adapt to “the new normal” by offering takeout and curbside pick-up during lockdown.

However there’s nothing quite like going to your favourite restaurant and getting the whole experience. That’s why we were thrilled when the local restaurants all got the go ahead to open up the patio’s and start serving food again. And just in time for summer no less. So we thought we’d point you in the direction of the very best patio’s in Port Credit, all of which you should hit up sometime in the near future for a day of good food, great beer, and relaxation.

Roc’N Doc’s

Roc’N Doc’s holds the disctiontion of being the only rooftop patio in Port Credit and that alone makes it worthy of a spot on our list. The restaurant/bar is known for it’s live music and great selection of beer, making it a hotspot during the summer months.

Upstairs you will find the great, intimate patio as seen above. The umbrella’s mean you won’t be blasted by the sun but you’ll still get that nice breeze from the lake and have an awesome view of the town so you can people watch while you eat and drink with friends. It’s a really great experience.

Snug Harbour

Snug Harbour is one of Mississauga’s best and most iconic restaurants, and it’s an absolute haven for couples with its gorgeous lakefront location.

While Snug Harbous is renowned for its mouth-watering fish dishes, it’s the view that really keeps people coming back every year, and coming from all over the city to sit and relax. Truly, there might not be any better view while sitting in a restaurant, and it doesn’t hurt that the food is to die for.

The Crooked Cue

The Crooked Cue is Port Credit’s most modern bar; with its stylish electronic fires built into the concrete walls, and plethora of TV’s above every pool table, it’s easy to see why this is arguably the most popular sports bar in town.

Unlike most other resturants in the town however, The Crooked Cue is never one to rest on its laurels and that’s why every year their patio tends to be upgraded and improved. It’s not the biggest or flashiest patio but it’s really nice in the evening when the hanging lights are lit and perfect for date night. And these days there’s lots of plexi-glass dividing every booth, so social-distancing is easy!

El Jefe

Best port credit patios

Mississauga is known to be foodie heaven, and Port Credit in particular has everything from Greek to Mexican, Irish to Italian, American to Middle Eastern options on every corner.

El Jefe is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing bar in the whole town with its gorgeous grafiti on the side, and colourful decor on the inside. And the long patio out front is no exception with its colourful seats – and it’s long enough that social distancing is simple. There’s a reason why El Jefe is always packed out to the street on hot summer nights, so hit up tha patio to see for yourself!