Square One Shopping Mall is soon to become home to a new store, one that is recognised the world over for it’s delicious desserts.

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels will soon arrive in Square One! The store is set to open next door to Urban Planet on the lower level, not far from entrance 7. Square One already has a store that serves-up pretzels, Mrs. Field’s Cookies/pretzelmaker, so if you can’t wait until Auntie Anne’s opens nearby, give Mrs. Field’s a try.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Auntie Anne’s, if so where have you been?!, it is an American brand that became famous for its delightful pretzels. The first store opened in Middletown, Pennsylvania, in 1989, and has since expanded the world over, to Russia, Great Britain, Greece, Brazil, Ireland, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Turkey, South Korea, and more. There are currently over 1600 Auntie Anne’s stores the world over!

What really sets Auntie Anne’s apart from regular pretzel stores though, is the unique taste and texture, as well as the incredible variety on offer. In terms of pretzels, you can grab a regular classic pretzel, or cinnamon sugar, sweet almond, sour cream & onion, roasted garlic & parmesan, pepperoni, jalapeno, raisin, or the kids favourites, pretzel nuggets. Auntie Anne’s also offers four types of pretzel dogs, iced tea, and its signature lemonade.

If you’ve yet to try one of these incredible pretzels, or a pretzel dog, be sure to give it a try when it comes to Square One mall. The new Auntie Anne’s Pretzels store will be opening in Square One in June 2018, perfectly in time for Summer!