Our city has no shortage of options when it comes to buying food; whether that’s restaurants, fast food, or grocery stores. That being said, the cream always rises to the top, with the best of the best opening more locations and maintaining a presence in the city for years. Well, shoppers across Mississauga have yet another grocery option coming to town in the very near future, in the form of the great Adonis!

Adonis is a chain of supermarkets across eastern Canada, primarily in Quebec. It’s a rather unique supermarket that has been around since 1976, and offers a diverse array of foods that run the gamut of the taste pallet. Here’s what the owners have to say about the brand:

ADONIS features a large assortment of products on its shelves and countertops. Our personnel continually explore international markets with the goal of identifying original products as well as new and exotic flavours for our clients. In order to bring the best possible freshness to these exclusive products, our partners produce foods here in Quebec based on international recipes. For example, cheeses unique to Greece and Lebanon.

We are there at every stage, from choosing foods abroad to the selection of suppliers, transport, inventory management, and furnishing the shelves and countertops. ADONIS pays attention to maintaining the best quality and freshness of its products all the way to your plate.

Adonis Mississauga

The brand came to Mississauga in 2013 with a store on Eglinton Avenue West and has become super popular in the six years since. Well it’s about to expand with a new store on Standfield Road, near the Dixie and Dundas area.

That’s a busy area and, if you find yourself there regularly, you should head to Adonis Supermarket once it opens to find a little bit of everything, with a middle eastern inspired core. You can expect a substantial pastry section, a fish market, a cheese and deli counter, and countless aisles of products.

Adonis is set to open in the near future and the store is currently hiring. So keep your eyes open on that spot for a great new supermarket and job opportunity!