Maybe it’s just me but Mississauga feels like it’s in a constant state of construction these days. There seems to be a new high-rise going up in every direction you turn. The rapid expansion of Mississauga may seem rather obtrusive right now but the end goal is to create a vibrant and diverse city.

With that in mind, we kind of have to grin and bear the noise of construction in every direction for the time being. And with that comes the news of another new development, one that proposes a rather large change to the north side of the QEW and west side of Camilla, facing North Service Road.

The plan is for a housing development of 144 stacked town-houses. Currently the area in question only prohibits apartment buildings to be built on the land, however the new development suggests a change to the formula. See the zoning image below:

The only thing on the land as of now is a gas station, so it would be quite a drastic change to see 144 town-houses be built on the space. Needless to say, this is a huge development that has been proposed that would potentially see upwards of 4 or 500 people move into the area.

As you can imagine, the new development has been met with some controversy, as these things always do. One point of contention is the Cooksville Creek, by which all nearby buildings must adhere to the flooding policies. This poses an issue to any development, and has in fact hindered some previous propositions like a truck stop. However, the new development would attempt to avoid these issues by developing flood-proof town-houses, as well as a hydro corridor to potentially deal with some of the flooding.

Other issues felt by locals have been that of increased traffic and parking, noise pollution, and even the character of the area. The last time a development was proposed for this specific landscape, dozens of residents opposed the plans at meetings. The currently proposed 144 town-houses is a more appealing prospect however, because parking wouldn’t be an issue and the buildings wouldn’t be an eyesore for locals.

These plans can change long before construction ever occurs, and they have done many times already, however the current proposal is more appealing and thus much more likely to go ahead.

The north side of the QEW and west side of Camilla road could soon look a lot different. As always, if you have something to say on the matter come to a town meeting when you receive the notification in the mail.