In March of 2019, a new housing development was proposed from Barbertown Venture Inc. that looked to bring a slew of new homes to an area just outside of Streetsville.

The proposed site for developing was a little park at 1725 Barbertown Road, off of Eglington Avenue. The plan is to only use 2.6 acres of the 6.4 acre site, of which there will be 75 townhouses built. The houses will be three-storeys and you can see an artist rendition of what they will look like below.

As is often the case with any new developments being announced, there was significant backlash from locals. Streetsville natives voiced their concerns that the new development is just another domino in the eventual transition of the area from small-town to urban sprawl. Mississauga citizens as a whole have been vocal over concerns about the city losing its identity ans becoming Toronto 2.0 – which we talked about at length here – and that put something of a halt to the project.

Particularly when queries were raised over traffic impacts as recently as October. The decision on whether or not to go through with the project was deferred by the council until earlier this month, when they voted to go-ahead with the development 10-1. However lots of nearby residents are still displeased, pointing out that this will impact their daily life as the new development will only be accessible by going through their smaller housing area. Councillor Ron Starr said that they are listening to concerns and they are confident they can come up with something that pleases everyone.

So what do you think of this new housing development near Streetsville? Are new projects like this causing Mississauga to lose its small-town identity? Or are we making mountains out of mole-hills? There’s no right or wrong answer but it is an interesting time to be in the city.