Did you know that as many as 65 million empty plastic water bottles per year end up as garbage in a landfill waste site, just in Toronto alone?

What is Blue W?

Blue W is a national, non-profit network of shops, restaurants and businesses willing to let visitors refill a reusable bottle with tap water, without pressure to make additional purchases. Participating locations are found by searching an online map of locations at www.bluew.org or by looking for the Blue W sticker on shop windows.

Community businesses are the most important part of Blue W. Without them, the Blue W network would not exist. In exchange for your willingness to provide public access to tap water for free, your business is listed in the Blue W website database so that our thousands of users can find your business easily.

As a participating business, you benefit from increased walk-in foot traffic and receive positive recognition through our marketing efforts, identifying you as a progressive, community-oriented business.

By signing up with the Blue W you help to make water more accessible to the public, raise awareness about the good quality tap water in your community and help support sustainability locally.

The Region of Peel and Blue W

The partnership between the Region of Peel and Blue W supports Peel’s tap water promotion campaign that aims to build confidence in water quality, raise awareness of the benefits of choosing tap water, and provide on-the-go solutions for Peel residents.

To learn more visit peeltapwater.ca or contact: