In the past decade, so-called nerd culture has become the cultural norm. Whether that’s because of The Big Bang Theory, superhero movies, or because video games became the world’s biggest entertainment medium, we may never know. Regardless of the reason, nerd culture is everywhere and it’s a great thing!

No longer are people frowned upon for choosing to play PlayStation rather than getting drunk, no longer is Star Wars and Pokemon considered dorky, and no longer are people criticised for playing some board games. And that brings me, with a not-so-subtle segue, to one of Mississauga’s newest stores.

A new board game pop-up shop has appeared in Mississauga! The fine folk over at LvlUp Games recently opened a pop-up shop at 3136 Mavis Road, Unit 100. The store is actually quite tricky to find, but LvlUp have provided a helpful picture for those trying to solve the puzzle of getting inside:

LvlUp Games is an online board game store that operates within Canada, and it sells literally hundreds of board games, as well as accessories. For all of the items available online, check out the site itself. At the store however you can expect to find all the best board games, from Arkham Horror and Codenames, to lesser known niche titles like Machi Koro and Boss Monster. You’ll also be able to grab some dice, dice bags, card sleeves, play mats and more.

The pop-up shop was actually closed from August 1-6 because the entire team was off at GenCon – North America’s largest table-top gaming convention, hosted in Indiana. Thankfully, the shop is once again open, seven days a week for your perusal. Be aware that the shop is not a cafe however, so you won’t be able to sit and play with pals. That said, Lvl-Up do host regular gaming events throughout Mississauga, which you can also find on the official website.