In October 2017, a fire blazed at the Hurontario and Bristol Road Plaza, ravaging several different businesses in the process. One such business was Heart Sushi, a rather beloved sushi restaurant, and unfortunately it was completely destroyed from the inside out. Although it was certainly the most affected by the fire, Heart Sushi was not the only restaurant that was shuttered due to the subsequent damage.

Also destroyed in the fire was Bombay Chopsticks, which has been closed ever since. Rebuilding has taken quite a long time but it seems that we’re finally seeing some fruits of the hard labour. Bombay Chopsticks will soon be re-opening; we’re unsure as of now where that will be, but we’re here to spread and celebrate the good news regardless!

bombay chopsticks

Bombay Chopsticks was/is a Chinese and Indian fusion restaurant, making it one of the few such restaurants in the entire city. Primarily Bombay Chopsticks serves Chinese food, but it utilises Indian spices while cooking, hence where the fusion part comes in. It makes for quite a unique but sumptuous meal, otherwise known as Hakka.

Some of the foods that was once found at Bombay Chopsticks include Manchurian Chilli Chicken, Shrimp Fried Rice, Hot and Sour Soup, Hakka Noodles, Manchurian Fish, Spicy Squid, Bombay Chicken, and Veggie Chow Mein. Those are just a few of the many offerings you could find at Bombay Chopsticks – we have no clue if the menu will be the same upon re-opening but it’s fair to assume it will be pretty similar.

As mentioned, details on the re-opening are scarce as of now, but we do know that it’s supposed to be more of a takeout than a sit-in restaurant. We can expect more details on the return of Bombay Chopsticks in the near future, and we here at YourSauga can’t wait for the return!