A massively popular Toronto restaurant is finally making its way to Mississauga’s Square One Mall!

The Pie Commission is a restaurant that you can find in both downtown Toronto and Etobicoke, however you won’t have to travel very far in the near future to get your fill of some British-inspired cuisine. But what exactly is The Pie Commission? Well, let’s hear it from the horses mouth:

“The Pie Commission was created in 2013 by two high school buddies, Patrick and Mike. They shared a love of meat pies following years living in the UK and Australia — and were disappointed upon their return to Toronto that they couldn’t find a delicious meat pie in the city. After much discussion, over many beers, they finally decided to go for it. They met Chef Owen through a mutual friend and little did they know they found the man who could create the pies they had always been craving.”

That’s right, The Pie Commission specialises in British pies! Some of the options on the menu includes Braised Beef Rib, Beef ‘n Beer, Butter Chicken, Pulled Pork, and Vegetarian, to name a few. You’ll also be able to get hold of some classic British sausage rolls, and fries, salad, or coleslaw, as sides. Depending on when you go, The Pie Commission also has seasonal menu’s, so you know there will be some incredible pumpkin options available during the fall months.

The restaurant will also serve-up some incredible dessert options; Fresh Fruit Crumble, Coconut Pie, and a revolving array of sweet pies!

The Pie Commission will be one of the flagship restaurants that operates within Square One’s impending west expansion. The incoming extension of the mall will be extensive and include a giant area called The Food District. With the new food court, along with shops and the huge Rec Room, Square One is set to undergo some radical changes in the coming year and become the biggest mall around. When that happens, keep your eyes and mouth peeled for The Pie Commission.