2018 saw a pretty harsh transition from freezing winter to sweltering heat, with no real Spring in between. Just when it seemed that Winter would never end, April brought with it incredible Summer weather and, as such, Mississauga has sprang to life!

With the amazing influx of sunny weather, we’re all in need of a quick way to cool-down and what better way than to do that than with ice-cream?! And there is no hyperbole, I genuinely love ice cream and eat it year round. However, most people don’t have the sweet tooth I do, and only really indulge in ice cream when it comes to summer. So today, we’re taking a look at one of the best places to grab some ice cream and cool-off, Dairy Cream!

History Speaks For Itself

Amazingly, Diary Cream is actually the oldest restaurant in all of Mississauga. It was opened on April 1st 1958 and has been a staple of the city ever since. Dairy Cream predates much of what we know in the city, in fact when Dairy Cream first opened, the surrounding area was completely green and not even remotely a city.

The wonderful little store hasn’t changed much since it first opened, retaining its large burgundy roof, bright red sign out front, and simple, colourful interior. It’s kind of a throwback to yesteryear, and an authentic one at that.

Needless to say, business was good and it became an instant hit. The business has continued to be a huge success throughout it’s 60 years in operation, with customers lining-up outside the store every single Summer. The continued success of Dairy Cream is pretty easy to understand, the quality!

Delectable Desserts

As iconic and quaint as Dairy Cream is, it wouldn’t be around today if it weren’t for the incredible desserts on the menu. Ice creams, sundaes, banana splits, frozen yoghurt, milkshakes, flurries, smoothies, waffles, funnel cakes, and slushies, make-up the mouth-watering menu at Diary Cream.

The shop offers 25 different flavours of sundaes, which come with cake whip and are probably the most popular item at the store. The sundaes are pretty huge, so you might wanna share with a friend. You can also get a flurry, which can be made with cookies or fruit, of course I prefer cookie but you’re probably healthier than me.

“Among our standard products such as ice cream cones and sundaes we offer more filling treats such as funnel cakes and waffles. They come with one ice cream or two…or three..how ever much you want. You can pick your choice of ice creams such as frozen yogurt, soft ice cream, and scoop ice cream. Along with our many varieties of ice cream choices there is over 20 sundae toppings to choose from, to satisfy all your cravings!”

Beyond that, you can grab one of the delicious ice slushies or a yogurt smoothie – which uses real fruit, how about that?! Of course, if all of this sounds a little too exotic for you, feel free to simply grab a classic cone of whipped ice cream. Everything on the menu is truly delicious and I guarantee you’ll want to come back for more. Also, as a bonus, if it’s your birthday you can get something for free!

Summer is well and truly here in Mississauga and it’s pretty damn humid to boot. My favourite way to cool-off in weather like this is a cup of great ice cream, and Dairy Cream is a sure-fire go-to for that. The store isn’t open all year-round, so be sure to come out and try it while you have the chance, and experience 60 years of ice cream excellence!