Ladies and gents, summer is right around the corner. While it’s been a schizophrenic spring in regards to the weather, we’re expecting the sun to start splitting the stones in the very near future.

And with great sunshine comes great opportunity. While we love to spend summers at the cottage, on the patios, and in the parks, we also love taking a nice dip. As such, today we want to shine a spotlight on a great place to do just that: Fairfields Swimming Club.

Fairfields Swimming Club

As the image states, you’ll find Fairfields Swimming Club at 1773 Christopher Road, Mississauga. Which is just off the QEW, north of Clarkson. It’s a non-profit swimming club, owned and operated by members and has been around for nearly 60 years!

Indeed, the idea for the club was formed at a family backyard BBQ somewhere near Lorne Park in 1959. After pursuing the idea, the group of friends found the right spot and began construction. The initial purpose of Fairfields Swimming Club was to promote interest in athletics, to encourage competition, and to form a clubhouse for the kids. All funds earned through the Club were to be redirected right back into maintaining and improving it.

In it’s first year, the Club had 125 families. A number that has since grown to 153 families. It was an incredible labour of love amongst families in the area, and led to memories being created for many generations to follow. For the pool’s 50th anniversary the current families celebrated the event and recounted some great stories, one of which encapsulates the spirit of the Club:

Mary Beth’s first job was Fairfield’s “Gate Keeper” (collecting guest tickets and coins). Her father was one of the founding Directors of Fairfields Swimming Club.

Mary Beth recalls “The Pool” as they called it was life-changer for them in this little neighbourhood. Aside from being able to learn to swim (a big enough gift in itself) it became a place of employment and a healthy hangout.

[…] Mary Beth and many others couldn’t wait for the pool to open every year and were so sad when the season ended. She was broken-hearted when, at the age of 17, she had to ‘grow up’ and get an office job from April to September

Fairfields Swimming Club

The Club still stands as a fantastic place for kids to spend the summer months today. The Club has “a swim team, a synchronized swimming team, and hosts social events throughout the summer and have very generous fun swim times. We also hold daily adult swim times, adult waterpolo and adult aquafit.”

If joining the crew at Fairfields sounds like something you’d be interested in, then you can join as a member of go one further an buy some shares. First however, there are two types of memberships available to everyone, the descriptions for which are below.

Family Membership: “Defined as up to two (2) adults and all unmarried children, 25 years of age and under residing at the same address. Each child is entitled to one set of lessons throughout the season. Citi*Swim practices, tot time, synchro and other child related activities are included for members children. This membership does not cover grandchildren or extended family unless you are the legal guardian of said child and they reside at the same address.  The annual dues for 2019 is set at $600.00.”

Adult Only Membership: “Defined as up to two adults (18 and over) residing at the same address. This membership level does not include children. Any children would be considered guests and would not be permitted at the pool without a member and a guest pass. Swimming lessons would be available only in accordance with our non-member rules and regulations. Therefore, if you are interested in programs for children, please sign up for a family level membership.  The annual dues for 2019 is set at $500.00.”

Fairfields Swimming Club

As mentioned there are 153 families who currently own shares, but if you were interested in getting a piece of the pie you could buy a share for $375 – and this would be the year to do so as the $175 share transfer fee is being waived.

Conversely if you want to just pay the seasonal fee and join the fun by taking part in one of the several great programs, learn from scratch via lessons, or even volunteer for the summer, Fairfields is happy to accommodate.

It’s the kind of organisation we love seeing in Mississauga, as its family-owned and operated, and its sole purpose is to make kids smile and bring people together.

“As a member at Fairfields, you will be part of a great aquatic community focused on fitness, family and fun.” And that perfectly sums up Fairfields Swimming Club; what at first appears as just a great place to go for a nice dip, ends up being a place you make bonds and memories that last a lifetime. So start making those memories this summer at Fairfields.