Have you ever wanted to just get away? Especially right after Christmas, no one could blame you! Well, what if we said there was a place right here in Mississauga where you could truly get away? A place where there’s no distractions; no kids; no social media; no work; no stress; nothing.

That’s Float. This oh-so-special business can be found at 279 Lakeshore Road East, and it really is a business worth spotlighting.

You’ll quickly find Float, standing out amidst the street of similar-looking storefronts, thanks to its exposed wood sign out front, with the business logo printed upon it. The dark windows belay a sense of mystery and intrigue, but one in which the simplicity of the design is reflective of that within.

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On the inside, Float is similar to the sign out front; rustic. It’s all unvarnished wood on the inside, with some leather chairs and a leather table. The low lighting and comfortable seating are just a peak at what’s to come. You see, that’s because Float Mississauga is a relaxation spa. However it’s not like any other spa you’ve ever been to.

“Float Mississauga is the city’s first dedicated float spa. We fell in love with the float experience and want to share it with everyone close to our city. The name “Mississauga” comes from the Anishinaabe word Misi-zaagiing, meaning [Those at the] Great River-mouth,” making Port Credit the ideal home for your float experience.”

float spa mississauga

Float is a place to experience isolation tanks. Which are essentially like big tanning beds, but instead of terrible-for-you lights, you’re submerged in salt water. So the basic premise is: you get into the tank and float in complete darkness and complete silence.

Isolation tanks are absolutely perfect for those in need of some peace and quiet, and those who enjoy time to switch off. You see, some people can’t imagine being able to relax and just switch off their mind, but there you’ll quickly find that it’s very easy to do. Lying in the warm water, completely shut-off from all sights and sounds is an incredibly surreal and memorable experience.

Float Mississauga

“Experience the profound sense of internal meditation that will help you get in touch with your true self. Growth and healing can only take place when you free your soul.”

Floating is better known as sensory deprivation and is popular amongst celebrities like Steph Curry and Joe Rogan. When you experience it for yourself it’s easy to see why, but it’s also because of the health benefits. The salts in the water are epsom, which, when “absorbed through the skin, draws toxins from the body, sedates the nervous system, reduces swelling, relaxes muscles, and acts as a natural emollient.” The act of floating in the water allows your body to stretch out to its natural state with nothing weighing you down, it’s total decompression. And finally the sensory deprivation is said to increase creativity, increase reaction time and sensory acuity, resets your circadian rhythm, and reduces stress.

Pricing for Float ranges depending on how many sessions you’d like to partake in. An introductory RMT massage lasting 60 minutes will cost $90, while an introductory 3 float session will cost $99. Beyond that you can pay for a single 60 or 30 minute float, a three pack, a ten pack, or a monthly membership that costs $39. To book a Float you can head to this link and do-so online, or buy gift cards for a unique present.

For the health benefits alone, a Float a month is worth the cost. It’s an incredible addition to your regular workout routine, or just a great way to distress if you don’t workout. It can be difficult to relax in this world, but these isolation tanks are a perfect way to do so. The Float spa is not just a fad like vibrating ab belts or the ThighMaster, sensory deprivation tanks are here to stay and you need to try it for yourself!