Gyms are a dime a dozen. In fact, there are more than two dozen in Mississauga alone. The fitness industry is booming and, as such, it can be difficult to figure out which one is best suited to you.  Maybe Free Run Inc. is the one for you.

The first thing people should figure out is what kind of training they want to pursue. Do you want to lift weights? Maybe learn some MMA? Or would you rather learn some crossfit? If you answered number three, then you’ve come to the right place!

Today we want to bring your attention to a specific gym located at 6593 Kitimat Road, Unit #2. That gym is called Free Run Incorporated and, as the name suggests, it’s all about crossfit and free-running. Let’s take a look at the mission statement from the owners, beneath the picture.

Free Run Inc Mississauga

“We offer a unique training facility that in addition to functional training floor, also includes an obstacle training course, American Ninja truss system, warp wall, etc. We are goal oriented so whether you want to lose weight, are training for your first obstacle course race, or are looking for a new way to exercise, our classes are designed to help you build and improve your base level of fitness. By strengthening your base, your ability to function and/or perform outside of the gym will give you the freedom to truly live a healthier life on all fronts, from your physical body to your mental health. Our certified personal trainers are here to support and guide you throughout your entire journey!”

Free Run Inc. is owned and operated by Lena Gallagher, and her reason for getting into free-running is fantastic: “My mission with this was simple: prove to myself that I could do anything (well, almost anything) in this altering realm of functional fitness.” And that’s exactly what free-running and crossfit can help you achieve. While lifting weights is great, it doesn’t really translate to everyday life, whereas this is about functional strength that can be used in daily life. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in pursuing, then Free Run Inc. is the gym for you.

Mississauga Gym

Free Run Incorporated looks like a playground for adults. Much like rock climbing, it looks simple. When you walk in you may look around at the walls, slants, boxes, and monkey bars, and think “I can do this.” Then you will fail. And fail many times after that. Movies, TV, and video games have made us believe we’re all incredibly agile and that climbing is easy. The reality is, climbing is exceptionally hard and the average person couldn’t even hold their own body weight for a few seconds.

Places like Free Run Inc. challenge you to leave your ego at the door and embrace the steep learning curve. If you can do that, you’ll have a ton of fun and start finding muscles on your body that traditional weight training never engages.

Mississauga Cross fit

Beyond a regular membership pass, you can take part in four different classes at Free Run Inc; Stamina; Strength & Conditioning; Obstacle Conditioning; and Wolf Pack. For a breakdown of each class and what they entail, head to this link, and the class schedule can be found here.

What’s great about Free Run Inc., is that you can book a tour of the facility, as well as partake in a free week to see if its really for you. There’s no contracts and you’ll have full access to the facility, the classes, and locker rooms.

If you want to start training or change up your tired weight-lifting regime, then give Free Run Inc. a shot. It’s a fantastic, state of the art parkour gym that offers you a new way to train. If you’re ready to challenge yourself, then head to 6593 Kitimat Road today!