Spring time is upon us ladies and gentlemen, and May is quite possibly going to be the hottest month of the entire year! That means you should get your swimwear, flip-flops, and BBQ equipment ready for upwards of 30° temperatures.

One thing you might want to look into is getting a new bike. Mississauga has no shortage of great parks and routes if you’re interesting in getting into biking, and it also has one of the best bike shops around to facilitate all your needs.

Gears Bike Shop in Port Credit is your one-stop shop for all things bikes. The fine folks at Gears have been helping Canadians rediscover one of the oldest forms of exercise and leisure since 1988, and their goal is simple:

As one of Canada’s premier bicycle retailers, our Mission is to delight customers by creating an unmatched experience at every point of contact. Cycling plays a critical role in Canada’s collective health, personal transportation and leisure-time activities, and our vision is to play an increasingly important role in helping Canadians find happiness and health through cycling.

Gears port credit

It’s hard to miss the store, located at 176 Lakeshore Road West, right at the busy Mississauga Road intersection, as it’s a huge store with a glowing yellow gear sign above the doors and windows. Once you step inside, you’ll be greeted by the unmistakable smell of rubber but it’s more refreshing and nostalgic than you might imagine. You’ll be greeted by the store owner (or assistant) and his gorgeous dog, before perusing the store and its mind-boggling array of metal and tires.

Gears Bike Shop offers up to 20 brands of bicycles and accessories, including Cube, Giant, Pinarello, and Cannondale. The store has over 100 bikes of all shapes and sizes that accommodate men, women, and children.

For example, there’s the Cannondale CAAD12 Ultegra; a traditional jet black bike with a carbon frame, micro-suspension, that comes in a variety of sizes, and weighs an astonishingly light 1100 grams. Then there’s the more modern Haibike SDURO Cross 4.0 Electric Mountain/Urban Hybrid; a top-of-the-line motorised bike that is perfect for navigating forests and mountains; has an LED display with speeds, battery, and more; and bigger wheels and a lower seat for comfort. And finally there’s a more classic bicycle like the Schwinn ALU 1; a relaxed, curved red frame; U-shaped handlebars; and black and white tires that complete a look reminiscent of a 50’s Chevy.

There really is just about every type of bike you could want or ask for at Gears, with prices that range from a few hundred dollars to upwards of $10,000! So whether you’re in the market for a top-of-the-line sport bike, a classic tandem, or a simple, traditional bike, then Gears has the thing for you!

Mississauga Bike Shop

The shop itself is incredible well laid-out; easy to navigate while also being a feast for the eyes and nose. The customer service is incredible, as anyone will attest to, and there’s even the owners dog on the premises to add a friendly, furry face to proceedings. So what are other people saying about Gears? Well, the store has been around a long time and that alone shows their commitment to quality products and quality service. That said, below are a few recent reviews for Google, where the shop holds a 4.3 rating.

This is a high mid to high end bike store. If you’re looking for a really good bike with great service, this is the place for you. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, simple bike this may be more than what you need. The service department is great. These folks know bikes.


– Josh Nagy

Gears Port Credit went above and beyond to help my wife get her bike fixed! She rides 365 days a year due to a disability. Recently her bike desperately needed some work and not only did they fix it they came to our home in the cold weather! Special shout out to Greg their customer service manager who made my wife and me, very happy customers and was extremely kind and understanding to her situation! We would not hesitate to recommend Gears Port Credit for all you riders out there! Thanks again Greg! Cheers!


– Douglas Lees

The customer service is absolutely amazing. I was buying a bike for my husband and Jeff and another Young lady that works there helped out so much, they were incredibly fantastic. They had a lot of knowledge about the bikes and I want to keep it a surprise for my husband. He came test it out the bikes and they were absolutely wonderful about it. Jeff was very helpful in installing the bike rack and putting the bike on as well. Thank you so much. 🚲


– Eve Barnabas

Best service for my bike ever…Fast, transparent, helpful. Highly recommended.
Got my 2nd commuter bike serviced.. Get what u pay for. Piece of mind.. Worth every penny.
Very happy with the service.


– Elizabeth Bakhtiyari

Perhaps you already own a bike though, and are in need of some apparel or accessories. Well, Gears certainly has you covered in that department as well; chains, helmets, sleeves, boots, skullcaps, jerseys, gears, overshoes, gloves, bike lights, Giro’s, helmet mounts, and cleats, are just a few of the things you’re going to find around the store.

So if you find yourself suddenly curious about biking, want a new one for the coming months, or in need of a few accessories, then Gears it the place to go. It’s a long-running business on the outskirts of Port Creidt, and there’s a reason it’s been around for so long. It’s a fantastic establishment that can make your transition into the world of biking as smooth as possible, with a bike that’s perfect for you or your kids. And feel free to bring a snack for the dog!