We all love a good bakery. Getting your hands on some fresh, homemade pastries is one of life’s great joys.

Well it can be hard to find the perfect bakery. There are lots of great ones, but it’s about finding the one that is just right for you. Port Credit has a bakery that seems like it’s just right for everyone: La Villa Bakery. A family-owned business that has been around for decades. And here’s a little about the story from the Bozzo family:

Our recipes and techniques have been handed down to us by our elders over many generations, since our very first bakery in 1964 at our Royal York location. These are recipes and techniques that we treasure and preserve to this day.

With our traditional blend of low yeast sourdough and sponges, we bring to you some of the finest breads that can possibly be produced. Our cakes and pastries are made with fresh eggs (not frozen, dry or any processed formulation); fresh milk (not powdered); the very best cocoa (not artificial); pure vanilla (not essence), and the very best chocolate available.

Above all, the most vital ingredient to this art comes from the heart. The art of bread, pastry and cake is a passionate mélange of love and respect for what we receive from our earth.

Through our love we create. And through our respect we continue with our tradition.

La Villa Bakery Port Credit

La Villa can be found at 331 Lakeshore Road East, not far from the Metro plaza. It’s recognisable for its green facade and several Canadian flags hanging outside. Inside, it’s a traditional Italian-style bakery with lots of bread, pastries, pizza’s, cakes, pies, donuts, hot food and more.

The hot table offers classic Italian cuisine like parmesan, veal, pasta, sausage, and more. And on weekends they serve-up a delicious breakfast with eggs, pancakes, potatoes and more (as pictured below).

As for the baked goods, well there’s everything from croissants to baguettes, muffins to danishes, and a mountain of pastries that will have you drooling over the glass. Not to mention the decadent cakes and pies, like Italian Rum and Chocolate Cheesecake, that are made by hand and would look great at a party.

La Villa Bakery Port Credit

Speaking of which, La Villa offers catering for parties and events. Lots of local businesses and restaurants use La Villa as their go-to spot for catering, and it’s easy to see why. It’s not just Port Credit either, people from all over Mississauga love La Villa. In fact, we have a few recent reviews here:

The breads are so incredible that I still deliver them by the boxload to family members of mine that live out of town. The quality of the baked goods at La Villa is beyond reproach. We recommend it all of our friends and visitors and will continue to do so. The family atmosphere and wonderful customer reception is a reminder of another era, when small shops populated our towns with their great service and charm.


– Jesse Collins

This family owned and operated Italian bakery is the best place to find authentic Italian foods including baked goods, cakes ccookies, fresh breads, pizza (delicious) and so much more. My entire family has been coming here for decades. My Dad says the Calabrese bread is “Life!!” The owner takes his work seriously and his skill, knowledge, love and passion for his craft shows up in everything he makes. I live in Etobicoke and still make the drive to Mississauga, because it’s just that good!


– Mina Cicconi

Went here on a whim because the other bakery I was going to was closed, turned out to be a blessing! The croissants are amazing, I would have them for breakfast every day if I could. The rotolado was great too, authentic Italian taste. The butter tarts are also pretty good!


– Fraser Nuttall

La Villa Bakery Port Credit

So if you find yourself in need of a fresh cannoli, some bagels, a black forest cake, or a strawberry rhubarb pie, La Villa can answer the call. It’s got a wide selection of foods both sweet and savoury, that you can rest assured have been made with love and know-how.

If you haven’t been to La Villa Bakery yet, you owe it to yourself to change that. Perhaps the best time to start is on Canada Day, when La Villa creates the gigantic Canadian flag cake that Hazel McCallion cuts each year. So head to La Villa Bakery now or on July 1st, and you won’t be disappointed.