I’m not that old, but I can easily recall a time when liking superheroes, video games, sci-fi, and anime was considered weird and dorky. I guess the turnaround is largely due to more so-called nerds reaching powerful positions in movie and television production; Kevin Feige helped launch Marvel Studios into the worlds biggest movie studio; Christopher Nolan made Batman the coolest character ever; Joss Whedon slowly invaded popular culture with Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Firefly; The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones dominated TV, J.K Rowling succeeded Lord of the Rings with Harry Potter, and Chuck Lorre invited the world to become friends with four mega-geeks in The Big Bang Theory.

So, while it never ceases to amaze me when I see grown men and women wearing Deadpool or Dragon Ball Z attire, and witnessing Marvel’s movies become the most popular films of all-time, it’s easy to see why it happened. It’s no longer weird or nerdy to enjoy these things, and the world has suddenly opened up to a whole new realm of entertainment. Be it comic books, video games, action figures, or anime, there’s now an endless well of entertainment available at your fingertips.

Mississauga is home to a handful of enthusiast stores but one in particular, which we will dive into today, is Planet Hobby.

Planet Hobby is an incredible store that was once located on the lower level of Square One, but now resides at 720 Burnamthorpe Road West. The store is located in a little plaza, alongside a noodle bar, and a Japanese tea store. It’s hard to miss Planey Hobby as it has a white exterior that showcases Spider-Man, Superman, and more.

Inside the store is fairly standard comic book store fare; boxes of comics fill the middle of the room, while action figures, accessories, Funko Pop’s, graphic novels, t-shirts, trading cards and more adorn the walls.

Planet Hobby gets all of your bi-weekly and monthly comics from D.C, Marvel, IDW, Image, Vertigo, and more. So you could make it your one-stop-shop for your monthly comic grab. It even features a wide array of classic comics, from The Mighty Thor to Superman, and everything in between. The store also has one of the biggest selections of toys and action figures around, with everything from Funko Pop’s to highly-detailed ArtFX figurines. The store has a plethora of common and rare figures, be it a black and white Batgirl statue, Gundam robot, Attack On Titan figures, or video-game exclusive statues from Arkham Knight or Star Wars.

Planet Hobby also has a wide selection of graphic novels to choose from, so if you’re into Marvel, they have plenty of Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, or The Ultimates, etc. If it’s D.C you like, they have Justice League, Super Sons, Aquaman and Nightwing to name a few. It may come as a surprise to non-comic fans, but there are tons of non-superhero comics that are mind-blowing, be it The Walking Dead, Saga, Y: The Last Man, Fables, or Paper Girls, and Planet Hobby has a wide selection of them all.

As mentioned before, it’s not all comics, as Planet Hobby has a huge selection of action figures, as well as classic DVD’s, trading cards for games like Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon, and t-shirts for your favourite superheroes. The store often features large sales on comics and more, so be sure to have a look around, you never know what you might find!

Planet Hobby is open every day, from 11 AM on weekdays, and 12 on weekends. The store closes at 8 PM most nights, however it’s 6 PM on Saturday and Sunday. The service at the store is fantastic; while some other comic stores can come across condescending or unwelcoming, the staff at Planet Hobby is knowledgeable and friendly, perfect for newcomers and enthusiasts alike. Feel free to drop into Planet Hobby any day or night, and enter a new realm of great characters and unforgettable stories!