Mississauga has no shortage of activities and events for you to participate in. Every summer it feels like there’s more festivals, more live music, more free movie nights, and new pass-times like axe throwing. However, the classics are the classics for a reason and it’s always good to have some old-fashioned fun. In a time when kids don’t want to leave the house and can’t keep their phone from their hands, the importance of getting them out to play and socialising an’t be emphasised enough. And one of the best places to do that is the Playdium.

The Playdium at Square One has been a staple of Mississauga since 1996. Originally known as Sega City, the building cost $17 million to build and offered go-karts, batting cages, arcade machines, and plenty of Sega products. Over the years it grew in size and expanded to a further three locations across Ontario. While times have changed and arcades are less popular these days, leaving to the closure of the newer operations, the Playdium in Mississauga is still in business and as popular than ever.

The awesome arcade facility has grown substantially over the years, adding new attractions on an annual basis.

The 40,000 square foot indoor complex features more than 200 high-tech attractions, rides and simulators, like the MaxFlight Roller Coaster Simulator or Laser Maze. There’s also dozens of video and redemption games including SnoCross, Dark Escape 4D, Connect 4 and Big Buck Hunter HD!

There’s a plethora of arcade machines including Luigi’s Mansion, Star Wars Battle Pod, Transformers: Human Alliance, and legit the world’s biggest Pac-Man machine! So if classic gaming and immersive cabinets is your thing, Playdium more than has you covered!

We already mentioned the redemption games, which are basically machines where you can win prizes, hence redemption for your (monetary) sacrifice. There’s over 20 of these types of games, where you can win stuffed bears, or tickets to exchange for prizes. There are an incredible array of prizes on offer, so be sure to keep all the tickets you’ve won and exchange them for something amazing like confectionery, an RC car, Maple Leafs attire, Funko Pop’s, a mini-drone, stuffed bears, a motorised scooter, or even an Xbox One or PS4!

If you’d rather be outside enjoying the fine weather though, you can do that at Playdium as well! Playdium also has an 11-acre out-door park featuring one of Canada‚Äôs longest Go-Kart tracks, and an 18 hole mini-golf course. Both of these outdoor attractions are open daily, however they are weather-permitting. It’s always a blast playing some mini-golf, whether you’re buddies, a couple, or a full family.

Heading back inside though, Playdium also has a Baseball Dome featuring 9 variable-speed Batting Cages – which is open year-round and Blue Jays themed! The batting cages have been a part of the Playdium since it opened – although it has improved – and it’s just as fun as ever. Whether you’re a kid trying to hit for the first time, or a couple playing for pride, the batting cages are always a thrill.

Naturally, after playing for hours and working up a sweat, you’ll want to quench your thirst and fill your belly. Playdium offers a Mezzanine bar & lounge, which is open from 12 PM to 8 PM, as well as an eatery called Megabytes. The food is made on-site and the booths are comfortable, as well as having film screens for the kids. The folks at Playdium have thought of everything.

The Playdium in Mississauga is alive and thriving at the age of 22. Whether you have a family and want to experience the arcade all over again, a group of friends playing for fun and pride, or a couple trying to win some stuffed animals, the Playdium has always been there and (hopefully) always will. There’s no better time to hit-up the Playdium than summer, so head there in the near future and rekindle your love!